Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fresh Produce

Fresh produce @ Annie's is the name of the game. We are passionate about supporting local producers and bringing the farm gate to the customers. We have local hydroponic tomatoes through to lettuce and gorgeous basil. In the coming months we will have organic Wallington garlic and potatoes, so keep an eye out. Our eggs also come from just down the road and truely are FREE RANGE.



I came in and had a coffee today, and it was wonderful. You've got a great place. Very warm, and so much great produce and variety. It looks like I have no other choice but to become a regular!

Lulu said...

After visiting Annie's Provedore yesterday I am left wondering how fresh is fresh.
When going to get a glass of water from the bottles provided I was left in shock by the state of the water bottles. Not only were the bottles filthy but the bottom of the bottles had started to grow some very funky algae experiments. We did let one of the girls who worked there know of this, only to have her take that bottle and the others to the kitchen and a moment later bring them back in the same state.
This concerns me to no ends. If this is the state of the water bottles I would really hate to see what the rest of the produce and kitchen are like.
Shame on you Annie you could make someone very sick and that could cause alot of problems